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casino-gamesWorking at a casino is never an easy job as it involves a lot of training and grind at the dealer training school like the one by Prince George’s Community College’s Office of Hospitality, Tourism and Culinary Arts Institute in Maryland that teaches blackjack, roulette, craps and baccarat. There are many other dealer training schools and the duration of the course varies from school to school.

Graduating from dealer training school does not guarantee placement or job and the aspirants have to apply and compete with fellow dealers as well as experienced dealers to secure the job. Those applying for the job are required to audition on dealing two games and demonstrate exceptional customer skills, consent to drug test and a thorough background check to be eligible for a license from the regulatory authorities.

Once selected for the job, hereunder are the various things that you are required and advised to perform:

Get Early to Work:

Reach at least ten minutes before your shift begins which will give you time to read any new information posted in the dealer room and also check the tokes.

Table to work:

Usually a roadmap is prepared beforehand on the table that you are assigned. You check the roadmap and go directly to your table unless you are assigned first break.


Most casinos have a schedule of one hour dealing followed by a break of 20 minutes or 40 minutes of dealing followed by 20 minute break. The cycle continues till the end of your shift. Some smaller casinos however leave you on the table if you are running hot.

The Extra Board:

Most new dealers are hired as full time dealers but if full time vacancy is not available you receive a part time schedule and your name appears as “Extra Board” which is the list of dealers that can be called any day at any time.

Opening a Game:

You could be assigned a table that has not been opened. You need to stand at the table and wait for the floor person to unlock the lid. After the lid is unlocked you remove the lid and place it under the table. Then you find a paper that shows the number of chips in the tray when it is locked. Both of you count the chips to verify the closing amounts and then sign to show your agreement after which you push the slip into the drop box slot.

Dealing the Game:

When dealing a game you need to be very alert. You should be aware of all the bets on the table and be careful not to reveal your hole card when you bury it. Never take your eyes off the table and walk your game to keep a vision on the entire table.

The floor person and surveillance cameras keep a tab on what you do and how you do so if you make a mistake never try to fix it yourself. Instead call the floor person over to fix the situation for you.

You will be required to have a friendly attitude with players and need to mention all the offers or promotions for the day because if players have fun and play for longer time you may receive some toke or tip from them.

Buzz Session:

Prior to the commencement of your shift your floor person may call for a meeting with all the dealers for the shift to discuss the promotions, new games or special offers of the casino.

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