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PostHeaderIcon Poker Advanced Strategies

Although a very popular game, mastering poker is difficult. It is a time consuming process and requires one to be patient and ready to give up a hand in time. People who want to improve their skills practice through their preferred online poker room, casinos and even family games. Those, who have mastered the elementary form of poker and are aware of all the basic strategies of the game can make use of more advanced strategies, which would further improve their chances of winning and making decent profits. Here are some of the advanced poker strategies you should know.

Blind stealing: a player uses this strategy when other players have folded their games and only those that are blind remain on the table. Using this strategy means that the player puts pressure on the players who have blind cards by raising the bet. When the bet is raised, the players with the cards blind have to think whether to go with the raised bet or see their cards and fold in. Though this strategy is risky, players at high stake tournaments use it.

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PostHeaderIcon Card Counting in Blackjack!

A pit boss and his disciples will approach you and thank you for playing in the casino, but could you please play another card game rather than blackjack? Well, there’s nothing you can do but take note that there are surveillance cameras around.

Sharp subterfuge at the gaming tables

Card counting is not illegal, but casinos do not condone it. You will be shown the door and thanked for patronizing the casino. How they are quick at separating the chaff from the grain is thanks to surveillance cameras, which you have correctly suspected.

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PostHeaderIcon How to Have a Great Time Gambling without Losing Your Money

Many people do not go to the casinos expecting to win millions of dollars. They go just for the excitement and the fun of gambling, and only hope of having a good time and maybe not losing all their money. In this article we will cover ways to help you pick games that don’t require too much gambling skill.

Gambling in a casino or online casino is supposed to be for fun, but for many people the casino is the place where some machine eats all their money, and they are broke after the first hour and have to go to the ATM to get more money.

If you are not an experienced gambler it may be best to stick to the slot machines, but the fact is that the casinos make most of their money from those one armed bandits.

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