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Gambling House Working at a Casino: A Dealer’s Life

casino-gamesWorking at a casino is never an easy job as it involves a lot of training and grind at the dealer training school like the one by Prince George’s Community College’s Office of Hospitality, Tourism and Culinary Arts Institute in Maryland that teaches blackjack, roulette, craps and baccarat. There are many other dealer training schools and the duration of the course varies from school to school.

Graduating from dealer training school does not guarantee placement or job and the aspirants have to apply and compete with fellow dealers as well as experienced dealers to secure the job. Those applying for the job are required to audition on dealing two games and demonstrate exceptional customer skills, consent to drug test and a thorough background check to be eligible for a license from the regulatory authorities.

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Gambling House Indian Casinos – What Goes Around, Comes Around!

indian-casinoDepending on what version of American History you read, the life of Native Americans before Columbus was, in many ways, idyllic. At the very least many Native Americans had a much nobler attachment to and respect for the environment than our ancestors did. Native Americans saw the land as a gift, belonging to no one, and under the stewardship of all. They took what they needed to live on and existed in a balanced relationship with nature.

Of course that all changed with colonization and the westward migration of settlers. The concept of private property is probably what pushed most Native American communities to the edge of extinction. Treaties, most not worth the parchment they were written on, promised safe havens for those pushed off their hunting and fishing grounds. Ultimately, the expansion across the continent was just too much.

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Gambling House Atlantic City – Las Vegas’ Smaller And Less Known Sibling

Looking back, I find it rather silly that anyone would go through all the trouble to build a city just for gamblers when gambling itself was not legalized in New Jersey. Yet, the absurd happened and, until the 1970s when gambling was finally legalized, Atlantic City was nothing more than a depressing, desolate place. What’s even worse is that the authorities promised to get involved in various renovation projects that would modernize Atlantic City and make it just as attractive as Las Vegas. Obviously, these things never happened.

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Texas Hold'em poker is not for people who do not take risks or people who are afraid to lose. It is only for the bold and daring people who find the fun in playing it. With loads of practice, losing and winning, one eventually learns to play the game and master the different skills and tactics along the way.