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At some point in your life you’ll probably get the urge to take a few risks. Maybe the open highway and bright lights will be riding your mind. If this does occur, chances are you’re craving a fun and adventurous trip to Vegas. Yes sir, there’s nothing quite like the desert city that has it all. From fabulous hotels and resorts, to wondrous casinos and shows, you’ll have a blast hanging out and gambling in Las Vegas. This is one crazy vacation spot that no one should miss out on.

The first time I headed down to Sin City was for the traditional escapism. I wanted to try gambling in Las Vegas. Hey, where else compares? Not even Atlantic City can vie with the variety and culture found in Vegas. Anyway, once a buddy and I arrived in Las Vegas, we hit up our hotel casino for a bit of fun. In no time at all I had lost 200 bucks. Yeah, it was safe to say that I was an amateur. No worries though!

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